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Blueberry oat porridge

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Oat Milk unsweetened - 227ml
Blueberries - 128g
Oats (steel cut or rolled) - 85g
Whey Protein - 85g
Walnuts kernel only - 13halves
Sunflower seeds - 6.5tsp


  1. In a pan, gently heat oat milk until warm
  2. In a breakfast bowl, mix a small amount of the warm oat milk with the whey powder to make a paste, then add a little more to make the consistency of runny honey
  3. Add oats and most of the blueberries (saving a few for topping) to the pan with the rest of the oat milk and heat until oats are cooked
  4. Mix oaty mixture in with the protein powder in your bowl. Add nuts and seeds and serve with remainder of blueberries.