CARBS 33% / PROTEIN 33% / FATS 33%

Quinoa, Chicken and Avocado

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Broccoli - 320g
Chicken breast - 203g
Avocado - 128g
Quinoa - 117g
Onions - 96g
Spinach - 64g
Lime juice - 6.5tsp
Coriander - 17g
Chilli Powder - to taste
Salt - pinch


  1. Cook quinoa with salt according to on packet
  2. Grill chicken
  3. Cut up onion finely, fry without oil in a hot pan until browned, 2-3 minutes
  4. Add finely chopped broccoli, lime juice and chilli powder
  5. Add spinach and cover to wilt spinach and cook broccoli
  6. Serve chicken with quinoa and slices of avocado