CARBS 50% / PROTEIN 35% / FATS 15%

Seitan sweet potato sandwich

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Sweet potato - 150 g
Large portabello mushroom - 1 mushroom
Lettuce - 40 g
Tomatoes - 40 g
Red onions - 30 g
Seitan - 24 g
Halloumi - 15 g


  1. Cut potato into rings and roast in the oven with a sprinkling of salt for 30 minutes at 220C, flipping half way
  2. Grill the mushroom in the top shelf of the oven for the last 15 minutes, then slice the halloumi and place on the mushroom to grill
  3. Heat a pan and cook the seitan through. You can also add sliced onion at thie stage if you prefer your onion cooked
  4. Make the sandwiches: use the sweet potato like bread, and fill sandwiches with halloumi covered mushroom, lettuce, onion and slices of tomato