CARBS 33% / PROTEIN 33% / FATS 33%

Tuna, poached eggs and mixed veg

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Sweet potato - 384 g
Green beans - 341 g
Eggs - 4 large
Baby spinach - 171 g
Tuna steak - 160 g
Fresh lemon juice - 2 tbsp
Olive oil - 3 tsp


  1. Finely slice the sweet potato then chop into coins, steam with the green beans for 10 minutes
  2. Pan fry tuna steak in oil for a few minutes each side, to preference. In the same pan, wilt spinach, keeping covered.
  3. Poach egg: bring water to boil, enough to cover eggs, then turn down until there are no bubbles. Swirl the water gently and break eggs into the centre. Cover and poach for 3 minutes, making sure water doesn't bubble too much, then remove from water with a large slotted spoon
  4. Serve eggs with tuna, spinach and veg, drizzle over lemon juice and season to taste